Anna K. Larson Vocalist, & Lyricist Cert Revoice Therapist



 "Annas K. Larsons voice is most impressive –her voice holds both the dramatic mezzo,

as well as a high soprano, clear as crystal– her skillfull acting ads to a very expressive performance."

Anna K. Larson is a Vocalist, Lyricist and Cert. Revoice Therapist from Dalsland, Sweden. Her enchanting voice and passion to tell stories through words, music and acting has lead to a multifaceted repertoire and tours across Europe and USA. From the rural countryside of Sweden she runs her company Interactive Vocalist Productions.

Anna is a skilled lyricist who interprets life and people in poems with unexpected twists. She has in collaboration with the Icelandic composer Gísli Jóhann Grétarsson written and premiered various works for voice and ensemble in for e.g Helsinki, Paris, Reykjavik and Boston.

She is a co-founder of En Vokalist & En Cellist (Anna K. Larson, voice and Sanna Andersson Janfalk, cello) and the Swedish-American ensemble Kalos (Anna K. Larson voice, Maria Finkelmeier percussion, Sanna Andersson Janfalk cello, Angela Shankar clarinet). For developing and performing new repertoire for one voice and cello En Vokalist & En Cellist has received awards and grants from The Foundation of Swedish-Icelandic Co-operation, Vänersborgs kommuns Culture Award, Region Västra Götaland Cultural Affairs Committee, Nordic Culture Point and Byggnads Cultural Award.

 In addition to her work within the arts, Anna became in the Spring of 2015 a certified and sought after Revoice Manual Voice Therapist. A voice massage and relaxation treatment, for professional singers.

In 2014 Anna received an award from Västsvenska Culture Foundation for her valued contributions within the arts and musical life of the west coast of Sweden. Anna has studied classical singing, opera, musical theatre, dance and acting at Royal Conservatoire Birmingham, Birmingham City University, England and Musikhögskolan i Piteå, Sweden.

Anna K. Larson Vocalist

Recital in Piteå, Sweden

Anna K. Larson Ensemble Evolution

Kalos, Boston USA

En Vokalist & En Cellist, Anna K. Larson och Sanna Andersson

Hátegskirkja in Reykjavík

Iceland, Stories for Voice and Cello European tour

Quartet Kalos, Anna K. Larson voice, Sanna Andersson cello, Maria Finkelmeier percussion, Angela Shankar Clarinet


tour in Sweden

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