Voice and jawmassage for singers

What is REVoice Manual Voice Therapy?

Revoice Manual Voice Therapy is a massage and relaxation treatment especially aimed at those people who use their voice professionally in speech and singing or those experience some kind of vocal malfunction.

You work for instance as a singer, presenter, radio/ TV host, teacher, musician, actor etc.

This method is practiced in Finland (Åland) and in Sweden by certified Revoice therapists. Sirkka-Liisa Perkiö, doctor of Naprapathy since 1977, has developed and practiced this method for over 30 years in collaboration with doctors, dentists, speech- and singing teachers. She regularly gives lectures and workshops and has made appearances on radio and television. She also contributed to 'MUN', a book about the mouth, published by Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.

The Treatment and its Benefits

  • Reduces and removes tension in the neck, jaw, mastication and facial muscles
  • Improves posture and enables free breathing
  • Prevents malfunction and serves as support during voice development

Revoice therapy induces the muscles involved in voice production to relax, and put them into a conscious state of rest. The muscles involved in breathing and keeping body stature are included as well. Specific areas of treatment include the upper body, neck and face. When the muscles relax back into their natural positions they then reopen for a balanced use of the speech and singing voice. The treatment has also shown positive effects on relaxation of the mind as well as the body and reduces stress around the neck and shoulders.

How is the treatment performed?

During the treatment you will lay down on a massage bench. The Revoice treatment focus on reducing tension in the back, shoulders, neck, glutes, legs and arms, similar to a classical massage/ Swedish massage. Main areas of focus though are the muscles of the upper body and the muscles of the neck, jaw, mastication and facial muscles. At your first appointment you will fill in a health declaration form and I can also give you advice on specific exercises for you to work on to free your voice further.


"As a professional singer I am very cautious about all things regarding my instrument, and for that same reason

any muscular treatment is a worry. This is often met with a certain incomprehension, but with Anna

it was completely different! I could quickly tell that she has solid knowledge of her work and the fact that she is a singer herself gives her a deeper understanding for my concerns as well as the voice itself.

When leaving one of Annas revoice treatments it is always with a feeling of having a body (and voice)

that works better, regardless if it has been a therapeutic treatment or just a relaxing massage.

I can highly recommend Revoice treatments with Anna K. Larson."

/Hilma Wikström , Soprano

"Yesterday I had a Revoice massage, performed by the amazing Anna K. Larson.

If you are a musician, woodwind player, singer, public speaker or a teacher

I highly recommend you to go and see her!!"

/ Erica Larsson, singer

Anna studied under Dr of Naprapathy Sirkka-Liisa Perkiö in Stockholm

and graduated in 2015. Education was made possible by a grant from Västsvenska Kulturfonden.

Your voice is your working tool, by using Revoice Manual Voice Therapy I can help you to induce the muscles to relax, and that will give you the vocal freedom to get the most out of your voice!

/ Anna K. Larson

Cert. Revoice Therapist

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