Ensemble Evolution Sweden tour 2012

Ensemble Evolution

Ensemble Evolution is an international ensemble exploring the future of percussion through composition, education and technology.

Taking elements from jazz and contemporary classical music, the group creates musical experiments incorporating improvisation, new media and unexpected collaborations into their original concept of a 21st century percussion ensemble.

Since Ensemble Evolutions residency in Piteå, Sweden Anna have been fortunate to work with the ensemble both as a vocalist and lyricist. Together with Maria Finkelmeier, Jacob Remington (USA) and Charles Martin (Australia) Anna have shared many musical endeavors and of course had a lot of "fika" (coffee with something sweet) .

At the end of their residency in Sweden, Ensemble Evolution took to the road in Norrbotten for NattMusik (Night Music), a tour celebrating sound and nature under the midnight sun. The tour took the trio along with their collaborators Anna K. Larson, Angela Shankar, clarinet and August Sandström to the Storforsen (Great Rapids) resort, Piteå's Badhusparken (Bath house park) , Luleå's Lillan Theatre and, finally, the Treehotel.

The tour featured a wide variety of music composed by Ensemble Evolution while in Sweden including a number of works by other composers and collaborators. Videographer August Sandström beautifully recorded the atmosphere of the tour and the amazing environment of Northern Sweden in summer with this video:

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